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Special works

We can create a variety of customized products including sleds and urns.

Handmade wooden urns

We offer a wide range of high-quality wooden handicraft urns. We make handmade urns from natural solid wood according to the customer’s wishes. The urn is available in both natural and stained tones.

You can choose the material and shape that you like, and we make an environmentally friendly urn according to your discretion.

If you would like order the peaceful and beautiful urn as last resting place for you or loved ones you can contact us today

What is urn used for?

Every deceased must be sent away with dignity, and nowadays urn is gaining popularity. The urn is considered a final resting place to store the ashes. The urn is suitable for keeping the loved ones at home. 

The certain requirements should be considered when designing the urn. When someone leaves us and the person is sent away by cremation, then after the cremation, the ash is collected and placed in an urn. The size of the urn must be chosen according to the person.

We make urns only from trees which are growing in Saaremaa, and the main types of wood are pine, birch, oak and ash.

What are the advantages of a wooden urn?

The wooden urn leaves a warm and pleasant impression. The urn is close to nature, which plays a major role in burying the urn. Wooden urns decay after burial and do not pollute the environment.

If you prefer you can keep the wooden urn in the house. It would be possible to keep it on smaller shelves because it is relatively light and durable. 

Glass and porcelain urns tend to shatter when dropped. There is no problem with wooden urns because the urn is very resistant to various falls and shocks.

Why should you order an urn from us?

Choose a handcrafted urn as your loved one’s last resting place. The wooden urn is elegant and environmentally friendly in every way. As we mentioned the wood is durable and you do not have to worry about breaking it.